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Paula M. Woodley, RN, BSN, PT, International FRONT LINE Registered Nurse
Get to know Registered Nurse, Paula M. Woodley, who serves America on the Front Lines as a RAPID RESPONDER for COVID 19.
Specializing in Occupational Health Nursing, Paula is a Registered Nurse commissioned to the USNS Mercy & USNS Comfort hospital ships in the New York Harbor and sites across the United States to deal with the (COVID-19) pandemic under the direction of the DOD Department of Defense and Army Corps of Engineers.

With over four decades in the nursing industry, she has demonstrated the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for patient care necessary to be considered a Top Nurse in her field. She has worked in the public, private, and international sections, as well as for the Federal Government, FBI Headquarters, and Federal District Courthouses across the United States, as well as the Chief Corporate Nurse at Mayor Bloomberg, LP New York Hdq. Prior to her current endeavors’, she worked as a Global Senior Veteran Nurse for the United Nations, UNIES.

Attributing her success to her decision as a little girl to learn how to heal herself and others after her mother became stricken with a deadly illness, Paula obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing & Psychology degree from Alverno College (a private Parochial nursing program rated as a Top 10 University) in 1979.

Recognized for her exceptional successes, she is a Martial Artist and holds a Black Belt in Karate; a certified ACLS & BLS & Medical Emergency First Responder provider and trainer through the American Heart Association and the American Health & Safety Institute; a certified International ACE Personal Fitness Trainer; and a certified Pilates Instructor. She is also a certified International Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor and Yoga Instructor with the Deepak Chopra Academy. Paula is the Founder and Program Director of “YogaPTLates”, the first workout method to combine Yoga and Pilates, serving as a Personal Trainer to provide conditioning and Physical Therapy & overseen by a registered nurse for a safe effective work-out.

Among her various accomplishments, Paula has released a Holistic Fitness video (which can be found on, has been featured on many television shows, including Comcast’s America’s Top Nurses, and has been featured in numerous International magazine articles and Spa Management Journals on her approach for living a healthy lifestyle and serving as a prime example. She has incorporated her expertise in fitness & meditation techniques from a medical standpoint on how to control stress and incorporates it into workplace programs. Today, the impact all these principles have are scientifically proven to be of benefit in achieving optimum health & wellness.

To advance her professional efforts, Paula remains a member of the Human Factor Society in Ergonomics and the New York State Nurses Association. She has been recognized in Strathmore WHO’s WHO and most recently, she has been a recognized speaker for the ITNJ International Tribunal Sovereignty Summit Meetings in Bali, Indonesia.

Serving as a Top International Nurse in her field, Paula has met the requirements outlined by a country, state, province or similar licensing body to obtain a nursing license in all 50 states. In addition to her primary role of triaging, treating and caring for her patients, her other responsibilities include educating patients and the public about a variety of medical conditions, as well as providing emotional support and advice to the families of patients. Other registered nurse job functions include leadership, research, performing diagnostic tests and analyzing results, operating medical equipment, administering medications, recording patients’ symptoms and medical histories, and assisting with patient rehabilitation and follow-up.

With a deep passion and love for her profession, Paula has dedicated her entire life to her career, at times compromising her own safety and well-being by traveling around the world on Missions with the United Nations to Africa and serving on the Front Lines with COVID 19 to help others, including family and often times members dealing with controversial dangerous emotional medical emergencies. At a time of crisis, she ran right to the Front Lines to assist a country in need and despair, jeopardizing her own well-being.

On a more personal note, she is fascinated with travel, loves animals and horseback riding, enjoys art history and historical architecture, as well as has a respect for diversity and all cultures. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, she is a Real Estate Licensed Broker & Sales Agent. She is also presently working on getting a Recreational Pilot License, taking flight classes, and finishing a book on Holistic Foods as a sequel to her Holistic Fitness video that was patented with Trade Mark by the Library of Congress.

Join Meditation and Yoga Classes to Stay Healthy

Paula teaches classes for yoga, pilates, mediation, nutrition classes,
and ACE classes for continued education. I am an exercise coach.
I am also a yoga and meditation instructor with Deepak Chopra.

  • Yoga is for YOGA PT is for Personal Trainer and lates is for Pilates Teaher
  • Paula is Certified in all 3 plus certified Meditation Instructor. She teaches globally
  • Stress Management and Lifestyle change with learning “Mindfullness”
  • Personal Fitness & Body Transformation
  • Provides Nutritional counseling and dietary requirements

Paula' s Home

A Life Time of Dedication To YOGA and How it changed her life.

Paula has been an International Registered Nurse for close to 40 years and most recently served on the Front Lines under the DOD Department
of Defense for the Covid-19 Pandemic. She has training and teaching Meditation and Yoga over a decade and her teaching has taken her
around the World to every continent and several countries in Africa. She is proficient in French, Spanish and Arabic.

Paula founded "YogaPTlates ", a world-renowned program blending Yoga PT Personal Training and Pilates into a Holistic workout. As a International Registered Nurse she teaches, Nutrition, Mindfulness
with Dr. Deepak Chopra and is the creator of the Video sold on AMAZON "Holistic Fitness.”

Some of Paula's past clients include celebrities, medical professionals, Military along with Law Enforcement and USMS. She has taught Fitness and Wellness Programs for over three decades
and is also an fitness enthusiast herself and elite athlete, along with being a Martial Artist. She blends an incredible program incorporating from a Scientific perspective Deepak Chopra's principles
and brings all her experience background in Kinesiology and medicine and science into a sound metaphysical approach to healing the Mind Body and Spirit.